Upcycling by La femme MiMi

11. December 2016

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sweathers by MiMi

MiMi Lan is famous for her embroidery with which she not only decorates her own new collections but also recycles unworn old clothes. She created upcycled colletion made of quality materials, such as mohair or cotton with wool, purchased in secondhands. With a team of talented students – Sára and Klára, she manually applied embroideries on these sweaters in the atelier in Prague, which gave them a new chance. Each sweater has a story and every sweater chose its own way of application. She also originate a project Souvenir – she was looking in antiques after old tapestries from the past century, which then she applied on her own models. She is as well selling vintage handbags and schoolbags, which she picked up at flea markets. Mimi revives old and create new – modern.

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dresses and sweathers by Sára

Sára Prostějovská is a student of fashion school VOŠON SPŠO and at the age of  17 she founded MOD.AGE magazine – platform for artistically based students, so that they can present their work and gain experience in the field. For Sára and others who contribute to the magazine, MOD.AGE magazine became a portfolio not only for the entrance examinations for college.

Sarah wants to do clothes, wander into the Haute Couture. However, but she doesn’t want to do only evening dress one day, but mainly wearable clothes and she doesn’t want to do  minimalism, which has become nowadays a global trend. Sarah is focused in embroidery and applications, and her goal is to connect things from second-hand with Haute Couture. Speaking about upcycling – when giving old things new, contemporary feel. It is a fight against fast fashion, which destroys the environment and leaves Third World workers to work in inhuman conditions. Sara’s specialty are men’s shirts, which are remade into women’s shirts and decorated with hand embroidery with natural motifs.

In Mimi she sees big inspiration, because Mimi is one of many designers who is not doing minimalism. She always recognize Mimi’s handmade work, her style is different, always standing out. “Mimi is always willing to explain everything and to help. I must say that under her wings I improved in embroidery and decorating, “says Sára.

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sweathers by Klára

Klára Bliss is also a student of fashion school VOŠON SPŠO  and part of MOD.AGE magazine. She makes costumes for student films and videoclips, she loves the symbiosis during filming. Being part of a whole full of small cells which are each differetly important, but mutually dependent. She found her way to embroidery through her brother, who had birthday and she wanted to give him something she created, something of her own. So she created the first man’s shirt, which then became part of her first collection ever – a collection of shirts with minimalist linear embroidery. During the week of internship with Mimi she learned new stitches and gained a new perspective of embroidery, which led from minimalism to traditional folklore. She likes on Mimi that she is very individual to clients, that she is not doing mass ready-to-wear clothes and mainly, she does everything with love: from selecting materials to the sell in the boutique.

Photo: Lukáš Dohnal

Models: Jacqueline Kahlová and Anna Olšanská

MUA: Klara Bliss

Assistents: Sára Prostějovská and Thu Huong Truong

Boutique at Štěpánská 53, Prague 1

Open daily 10 – 19h | Saturday 11- 18h | Sunday 11 – 17h