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    What is playing in my headphones: Music tips

    I can’t exist without music! I wouldn’t have painted or designed a thing without it. I could have even missed several orders without listening to music. And what I like to listen the most?

    Classical music is my choice when I need to concentrate. That’s why I tune Radio Classic immediately when enter the atelier and don’t change the station during the day. I love Mozart, Dvořák or Bedřich Smetana“My Country” is set as my rington! And when it is really getting tough and I need to concentrate at maximum, I choose an opera CD, for example Madame Butterfly. My brother says than only professional killers can listen to opera when working. But that’s just because of his bad memories on the period of my final exams preparations. I played the opera at full volume every day. Both my mum and brother, they didn’t even want to come home from work those times. The music was so annoying to them!

    The boutique always plays alternative KCRW radio that is broadcasted by Santa Monica College. Once the Radiohead was playing when a customer, nowadays one of our regular ones, came in. Later she told me that she knew the music (her favourite one) was a good sign. She let me design her wedding dress and comes to us regulalry.

    From the Czech music I always like to hear Eva Olmerová – her beautiful voice! And I can‘t forget the beloved Tonya Graves and her album Back to Blues! And with kids? Before bed we love to sing „Black eyes, go to sleep”. 🙂

    You may also expect Vietnamese music but don’t be mad at me – it’s not my cup of tea. Although the Vietnamese poetry is beautiful and I love it, our musical performers are not worth listening.

    But if you like Portishead, Hooverphonic, Björk or Charlotte Gainsbourg, you’re in the same situation as me.

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