Both-sided Swimsuit




I can not swim. My dream is to be able to swim, overcome the aversion to the pool and experience the joy of water. That’s why I decided to first create a beautiful swimsuit, in which I will feel like jumping into that pool …

However, a completely different technique and machines are needed to create a swimsuit, which I unfortunately did not have. Now, after a few years, I can finally introduce you to my first La femme MiMi elegant swimsuit. 💙

Swimsuit cut is our Signature.
You definitely know this cut of our wide straps and lanyards, which can be tied in several ways at the back and front, from our dress. I left the cut at the bottom deliberately so that we could all feel good in the swimsuit. I also chose a cut point for the swimsuit and not a bikini, so that we don’t have to keep an eye on ourselves and fully enjoy the moments we will spend in the swimsuit. Swimsuits are in two sizes, XS / S, S and M. Size L of this cut will be happy to tailor for you for an additional 700 CZK

Swimwear is variable. I imagine that you will wear it for yoga, both with or without leggings.

Swimsuit fabrics are made of luxurious and high-quality materials intended for swimwear and sportswear, imported from England. The swimsuit is double-sided, dark blue on one side and Fushius red on the other. Imagine that a lady is in a blue bathing suit at the swimming pool, bounces to the toilet and comes in a red bathing suit. No one will be sure what happened …
The husband thinks “she went shopping ?!”.

Although I do not know when the pools will be open again, but until then we can meet in style by the Vltava.

Your MiMi 💙

P.S .: We never retouch photos of our models, which are often even our loyal clients. We recognize the true beauty of women. 😉

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