Coat in kimono style


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Reversible kimono coat
The kimono is a staple and reversibility is just a nice cherry on top.
Then you turn it to a black, raven colour with blue edging on the sides, like you’re flying through the sky. That’s exactly how it works, whichever side you choose, pulling it off with a strip of fabric remnants (like the blue one with the cranes in flight) or letting it float freely around you, you’ll look perfect yet simple. In winter you won’t be cold because the material is 100% wool which will keep you pleasantly warm. The belt is made of all leftovers #zerowaste. It goes with everything, trousers, skirt, dress, vest or blouse, it’s up to you. Size is one universal (S-L). We recommend airing out after each wear.
And this coat is very limited, were made just only 2pc (one is sold:-)