Silk blouse dress – Ivory


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Silk blouse dress
We all remember the silk turtlenecks that have appeared here before. This piece is practically the same only in a dress version. The soft colours, black and white, are accompanied by a light floral pattern. The romantic tuxedo style sleeves are a lovely detail that is also practical, the sleeves stay rolled up beautifully and don’t pinch anything. A turtleneck collar covers your neck so you won’t be cold even on the coldest days. To accentuate the waist, you can tie the dress with a belt in black. It blends in with the black dress and creates an unexpected, elegant contrast with the white. So you’ll feel like a princess in any company. The material is 100% Vietnamese silk. Ventilate or hand wash in lukewarm water with a little hair shampoo (not in the washing machine on the hand program!) One size fits all.