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Kaaret x La Femme Mimi
The Heritage Necklace

The collaboration between two brands that value the careful and considerate process behind designing a product, the importance of chosen materials, and the power and meaning that objects can have in our lives, takes form in The Heritage Necklace.

Initially, there was a black pearl bracelet that travelled from the wrist of the grandmother to the mother, and eventually from her to the granddaughter, Mimi. She began to seek a new way in which to preserve the tradition of the inherited pearls.

Giving existing materials a second life is one of the core principles upon which Klára designs all Kaaret pieces. Together with Mimi, they came up with the idea of transforming the pearls into a necklace – a statement piece that will begin a new chapter of family-inherited jewellery.

The Heritage Necklace combines the black pearls with deadstock and vintage glass beads, various kinds of other vintage and secondhand freshwater pearls, as well as shell and stainless steel components.

Although this piece was designed for presentation and not for sale, we hope it can inspire others to rethink the relationship towards their own jewellery, and to nurture the idea that, we as individuals, can also shape the heritage given to us and influence how it will one day be passed on to those who follow.

If this is something you would like to explore, let us know and you can have your own jewellery piece designed by Kaaret custom service.