Unisex and reversible jacket


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Reversible wool jacket
This lightweight jacket has a look a little like the consistency of a sweater, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted seriousness. Elegant, unisex cut adorns the collar and, most importantly, is reversible. One side has darker stripes, reminiscent of cocoa beans, stubble and grapes. The other side is lighter, interspersed with stripes of lavender, violets on a brown-yellow background. It is complemented by blue stripes, alternating dark and light, sky and sea. The polite thing to do is roll up your sleeves a bit to reveal whatever you have underneath, dress, blouse, shirt or nothing :). It is sewn in a loose style, it will billow around you, but we can add any fastening if you wish. The material is Italian wool so it will keep you nice and warm. The size is one universal and there are few pieces, so hurry:) I recommend not to wash, air out after each wearing and wash only in dry cleaner.