“Femme Fatale” Dress SOLD OUT

Material is 100% wool, bought in Prague.

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The cut is very feminine …. you know how I love and adore femininity, naturalness and comfort.
Sleeves are in the style of “Bat” deliberately, because I would like them not to press in your armpits and you also do not have to watch if the wristband is right where it should be ….
Dress has a higher waist … and we know why;)) we don’t have to care where we have a waist, right ?!
Bottom is in A-cut with a detail – “Draw-String” –  you pull the strings whenever you want …. if you lived a teenage period like me in the late 80s and 90s, so you remember, how this trend has been here before and how much fun it was back than.
We have this dress in sizes XS / S, S / M and L, always 2 pieces each.
Sewing in Prague, Atelier La femme MiMi.
And of course …. the pockets are there … hidden ….