Wide winter black pants




we ship within 5 days after receiving payment

Material: special, luxury cotton with lycra with a high grammage, the material is heavy, but it is the best for a cold winter, it lasts, sits nicely  and makes a good ass

The price is higher because sewing such a fabric is difficult, the fabric is so hard that needles break …

We will tailor the size XS to your size (it is necessary to meet in person)

Linen is a natural material obtained from the stem of flax. It is pleasantly cool, so you will really appreciate it in the summer.

Linen does not require frequent washing – it can be partially replaced by ventilation of clothing. Linen is ideal for a cold program with a mild detergent. Do not use the dryer. Don’t squeeze. Iron still slightly damp clothing to a higher degree, dark fabric inside out, white normally. We recommend a steamer or let the clothes dry on a hanger.

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