Hello, girls: Jana Havlová

9. April 2017

„I don’t see myself as an artist…I don’t like the word „artist“ ….it’s like being labeled. I just love the sense for life. I have a garden, where you can see a beautiful summerhouse and what I like is those earthworms coming out after a rain“, says Jana Havlová, who is dedicated to ceramics, that […]

Upcycling by La femme MiMi

11. December 2016

sweathers by MiMi MiMi Lan is famous for her embroidery with which she not only decorates her own new collections but also recycles unworn old clothes. She created upcycled colletion made of quality materials, such as mohair or cotton with wool, purchased in secondhands. With a team of talented students – Sára and Klára, she manually […]

Hello, girls: Joy Bellefontaine

16. October 2016

Joy “Danger” Bellefontaine, a systems manager who once played in a cuddlecore girl band, arrived in Prague on May 1st, 1998, at 26 years old. This amazing woman is my very good friend and neighbour.  We do sleepovers (I mean our children), breakfasts, lunches, dinners and late night talks about our rock’n’roll husbands with wine. […]

Hello, girls: Anna Olšanská

4. September 2016

„I have known MiMi since her beginnings. I think it has been 8 years. The first suit I bought from her I am wearing with enthusiasm even nowadays. People admire this piece of clothes because it is still chic –  it has not came out of fashion“, says 71-year-old Anna Olšanská, former immunologist, who now […]

Hello, girls: Lenka Šťastná

20. August 2016

   I have known Lenka for several years. If I count well, it has been 7 years since she firstly visited my boutique. She worked in a corporate environment, was a business-style advisor and now she owns Salon24 – a smart app for finding the closest (and not only) hairdresser and also enables an easy […]

My favorite movies: Summer theater in your home

7. August 2016

In our regular Sunday blog today, we will be more watching than reading, and clicking on the play button instead of on pictures. True Detective: Detective story of two police officers on the endless chase for the only one criminal. Each episode is different and I enjoy all of them. Wings Of Desire: Poetic black […]

What to cook in hot days: Tips and recipes

29. July 2016

You know that – eating a schnitzel, french fries or a steak in these hot days is like having a winter collection in your wardrobe during the summer. Summer is the month of vegetable, fish and seafood! I love new potatoes. Those small ones with thin skin which are cooked in few minutes. They perfectly […]

Sales! How to think about shopping

24. July 2016

Discount season is nearly finishing. Here 50% sale and 80% over there. This year, however, is time to shop wisely and save some money.    I admit that sales do not make me nervous. I always ask myself: “Do I really want this thing? Do I need it? Will I wear it?!“ But as the […]

Vacation with your kids and their granny? No problem!

15. July 2016

Would you agree with a holiday on which the cast would be you – your husband – your two children and the mother of your husband? Does it seem too much to you? You say, “at least in the summer, I want to relax!”. And I say „go!“ It does have some wonderful benefits. Really! […]

The best thing about vacation? Reading!

10. July 2016

I love it! Just sitting down in the grass, leaning on a tree and giving your bent back a rest, listening to wonderful music , having a cup of green tea in one hand and a book in the other one.  Do you wonder which one? My favorite author is Haruki Murakami. Despite his Japanese […]

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