Spring/Summer 2016

Spring-summer collection is inspired by the avant-garde period and the water element. This thought pattern is specific for lightness of materials that permeates this whole fashion line – silk, knits and delicate lace. The entire collection is conceived very feminine – blouses, dresses, skirts, as well as oversized sweatshirts or kimono, so typical for the creation of La Femme MiMi. Layering is the main reccuring detail when talking about skirts, tops, bows as well as girlish-charm pleats.

Spring – Summer collection 2016 wants to draw you back in times of 20’s-30 ‘s, into a warm weekend when sitting by the water, smoking a cigarette and chatting about nonsense was so specific.

Photo: Petr Kurečka
Model: Anastasia Vrublevská
MUAH: Žaneta Gi
Location: Exhibition of La femme MiMi in Kafka’s house on the occasion of Prague Design Week 2016