Speciální kolekce

“I have arrived, I am home”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Limited collection of La Femme Mimi, presented in the Czech Centre Hanoi.

The collection aims to connect Czech and Vietnamese women and find their common ground, interests and desires.

Inspirations were drawn from the following women:

Nam Phuong Hoang Hau was the last empress of Vietnam, born into a catholic family in Saigon. She was sent to Paris for her studies at the age of 12. She was known not only for her beauty but also her sharp mind and wits. She was a loving wife and a wonderful mother. She was supporting Vietnamese women during the times when women had limited opportunities and barely any rights. Just a glance at her brings fantasies about beauty and elegance that one cannot even dream of.

Dana Zatopkova to me represents a Vietnamese woman in a Czech coat. She was an excellent athlete, Olympic games medalist, and at the top of her game, yet many people know her as the wife of Emil Zatopek. She however was not bothered to walk in his shadow – she lived her life for him and did so with so much love. She stayed home to take care of him daily, just like many Vietnamese women do for their families. Besides being an athlete, she was a talented, beautiful and intelligent woman. She carried herself with so much elegance and grace, not often seen with top athletes at her level.

These two women represent a collection that is feminine, charming, graceful as well as elegantly athletic.

The entire collection is made of Vietnamese silk as well as Czech linen. I would like to use the best natural fabrics that both cultures offer: quality and tradition.

The collection is for sale and 100% of sale proceeds was donated to the Blue Dragon Foundation, a charity organization that is actively working and supporting children and the youth in Vietnam.