Hello You…

Spring at last! La femme MiMi welcomes sunny days and blossoming trees with a new collection. Traditional cuts and pieces inspired by the Vietnamese fashion of wide-leg trousers and kimonos remain, but get a new boost for the new season. In the new collection you will find clothes for everyday wear and for special occasions, whatever your body shape. The materials are mainly linen, quality cotton and silk brocade.

Above all, the collection is open to everything and everyone. Does anything seem too crazy to you? Would you never wear a dress over your trousers or a crookedly tailored jacket? And what about men and boys – what if they took your clothes? With the new collection, try to think about the stereotypes we carry in and on ourselves. And let them be blown about by the fresh spring wind.

Photo by Kristina Roth and Viola Řeřábková
Styling by Robert Musil
Being Kristina Revenko and Robert
Make-up by Nela Nešetřilová