Colourful plaid kimono


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Dice, dice, dice! One of the stunning, simple yet subtle patterns can be seen in several ways in our new collection. This one is the most fun for me. The colourful fabric is reminiscent of the reflections of the sun on a lake, the wings of a parrot or a meadow dotted with forget-me-nots, lavender and daffodils. With its variety of colours, it easily matches any outfit in your wardrobe. As always, the kimono is a nice piece for every day. It really goes with everything… T-shirt, trousers, shirt, skirt or dress. The jacket will complement your entire outfit perfectly and adds a special Japanese style. The tying is also up to you whether to knot, bow in the front, back or side or simply wear it loose open, you can change it up every day and never get tired of it. Size one, universal and of course it is reversible.