Dark Blue Dress


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We took our signature cut, took it to the baroque and tweaked it a bit. The dark blue colour with pearl buttons is the perfect complementary duo. The deep sea bed is accompanied by bright pebbles, just as the dark summer night is complemented by stars. Just like the pleasant fabric, the shiny reflections of the wheels complete the look. The dress is delicately patterned with leaves. Whether they are the leaves of a bush, a fruit tree or a rose, they add a hidden detail full of life to this dress. It can be worn buttoned all the way down, or you can unbutton a few buttons and let the dress billow around your legs. The fluted sleeves make this dress interesting, adorning your arm just as women in the Baroque period wore it. The fabric hugs and flatters your body. The dress also includes a fabric belt, black or white, which you can tie around your waist with a bow in the front or back, a knot or just wrap it around and let it hang down freely. The size is one, universal.