Kimono plaid pink and white


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White and pink…soft colours that draw us right into the warm and cheerful mood of spring/summer. Because underneath, we can only imagine the pretty things. The wild strawberries we can look for in the shadows of the woods, the delicate flowers on the blossoming trees that are about to sprout. The raspberries we’ll enjoy and the roses that will soon be blooming everywhere. White often drapes the fluffy blue sky or glistens on the ripples of water.You can never go wrong with a plaid pattern either. It’s simple, subtle and cheerful. As always, the kimono is a nice piece for any wardrobe. It really goes with everything… t-shirt, pants, shirt, skirt or dress. The coat will complement your outfit perfectly and adds a special Japanese style. The tying is also up to you whether to knot, bow in the front, back or side or simply wear it loose open, you can change it up every day and never get tired of it. Size one, universal and of course it is reversible.