Kimono vest reversible


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Kimono polka dots black and purple I believe that you can never go wrong with polka dots, which is why this piece is enriched with them. On a simple and elegant black base we have burgundy coloured circles. The pattern is as pleasing as the blackberries in the shady woods, the grapes of wine that have a rich and sweet taste, or the summer rain that also makes circles on the water. The kimono is reversible, so you can change sides, one day to have decorated bushes and the next to be shrouded in the mystery of the night. Another cool feature is its combinability, as it goes with absolutely everything. Wear it with a t-shirt, trousers, skirt, shirt or dress and you’ll always find the kimono adding a nice touch of Japanese style to your look. The tying is also up to you, whether you knot, bow at the front, back or side or simply wear it loose open, you can change it up every day and never get tired of it. Size one, universal.