Maxi skirt with pearl buttons


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No proper wardrobe should be without that one, elegant skirt that goes with everything and every occasion. Ankle-length, fron a stunning fabric that will curl around your every step and with details? Impossible requests….not at all. That’s exactly what we have, you can even choose from light grey and dark blue-black. You can fasten it around your waist however you like, as it has lots of pearl buttons, to adorn your waist, and buttonholes, so it will adapt to any figure. At the same time, you can either wrap it all around you or let part of it hang down seductively. It goes well with a blouse, turtleneck or just a t-shirt. If it’s colder, you can throw a kimono or coat over it. The material is a beautiful blend of cotton and wool. The skirt is one size, it has pockets of course and they are neatly hidden in the seam. We recommend airing after each wear and washing carefully because of the buttons.