Polka Dots Coat


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I believe that polka dots never go wrong, which is why this piece is enhanced with them. A long coat that will keep you warm on cold days is something that will save everyone on windy, stormy summer and spring days. This piece is not only adorned with a large collar that dominates at first glance and adds to its elegant look, but also with pearl buttons on the sleeves that will shine at your wrists when the sun comes out. The coat is the perfect companion whether you’re in town, at work, at the theatre or out to dinner. With its simple burgundy pattern, it is not boring but interesting. The burgundy colour on the black background reminds of grapes, which is a sweet detail after all. This piece goes with absolutely everything, trousers, skirt, dress, suit, shirt or shirt. The look itself will beautify you and you’ll feel like you’re wearing a Sherlock Holmes coat. But if it’s too long for you, you can try its relative in the same vein but in a kimono design. One size, one size fits all.