Red dress


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I think everyone wants to wrap up in something to keep warm in the winter, and preferably to be able to wear the same piece when the sun comes out and it gets warmer. We’ll make it possible for you to do just that, along with feeling sublime with this dress. It has a large royal collar that you wrap around your neck and gently tuck in like a flower hiding in its petals. You cinch the waist with a belt or ribbon and tie a bow in the front or back, it’s entirely up to you and your creativity. They come in three colours, burgundy red, night blue and a lighter, light grey. There’s beauty in the details as well as the large, pearlescent flower-shaped buttons that will be missed around us this fall, so we can remind ourselves of them by looking at our wrists and preserving that soft beauty from warmer days. They’ll sparkle in the spring and their size will make them reflect the rays nicely and draw attention to themselves. They’re purposely larger so everyone will notice them at second glance, right after the extravagant, classy collar. The cut is shirt-like, which automatically brings a more social look, but they’re also great for sipping coffee in the cold and picnicking in the park. Thanks to the fabric, 50% cotton and 50% silk, you won’t be cold in winter and uncomfortably hot in spring, so you can have two dresses in one and not cram your closet. The cut is an A-line, wrap signature, one that you can only recognize in the details…if you know you know…once you have a dress from us, you know what I’m talking about;).