Red velvet blouse



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Silk velvet is like love..once you know it, you’ll never let it go. Let’s be seduced by its charm and let’s put all our worries and heavy thoughts out of our minds. There’s always time for love, even in the cold and snow. The blouse is simply breathtaking, romantic and together with your beauty will leave everyone’s eyes on you. It will carry you away like an azure river boat, caught in waves and spirals. It will also look charming as a vest over a shirt, T-shirt or even a sweater. Once you put it on, you’ll struggle to take it off. It comes in two colours. Brocade red, like a wine, rose full of passion. Dark as the mysterious night, you’ll be the shining star, the queen of every night. The ties at the shoulder strap give you more freedom in your styling, you can do knots, bows, front or back…just up to you and your mood. We recommend that you only wash in the dry cleaner and air out after each wear.