Reversible kimono


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Are you in the mood to be the pioneer of an interesting pattern in your neighborhood one day and the next day you’d rather wrap yourself in something soft and cute? In that case, this piece would be just for you. At the same time, a kimono is a very practical piece for any wardrobe. It’s easy to wear because it really suits everyone and is easy to mix and match. Whatever you wear it with, it will decorate and add the Japanese icing on the cake. The grey-black pattern alternates between outlines of different shapes, such as a spiral or a star. It is thanks to the varied and contrasting depictions that you will never get bored, every time you look you will notice a new polygon. But even if you do get tired of it, you can simply reverse the kimono and wear it from the other side, where the pattern just lines the soft and grey fabric. If you’re familiar with fairy mouse fur, I would imagine they have a similar softness, but I like ours better after all. It will caress and pamper you every day:). You can tie the belt at the waist with a bow, a knot or just wrap it around and let it flow freely. It’s up to you! Size is one, universal.