Reversible Unisex Kimono Coat



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Kimono coat
Trees are already packing in lots of shades of colour, apple, maple, linden and birch trees, with white bark and bright yellow leaves. It is their soft, bright colour that makes them stand out among the other trees. You can borrow their coats and wrap yourself in them before winter, just like our kimono-cut coat. The white fabric is decorated with shiny silver stripes that will reflect whenever the sun shines a little, and delicate yellow threads, adding to the authenticity of the birch. The coat looks very lightweight and will billow around you with every step, while keeping you warm even when the trees have dropped all their leaves. It’s easy to combine with trousers and a blouse to take it to work and for a walk, with a dress it’s perfect for the theatre or a dinner party. The fabric is very pleasant, simple and interesting at the same time. One size and signature kimono cut:).