Signature – Grey


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We present to you a top made of very pleasant fabric, i.e. knitted fabric. This time we used it in a very breathable form, in a way that the fabric breathes on you. This makes it perfect for everyday wear, because you will never be too hot in it when the sun starts to light up the streets, parks and forests. The material is also very stretchy, making it fit everyone precisely and comfortably. It is the best type of loungewear you could find:) It’s definitely not a boring piece. It’s enhanced by the neck stand, which immediately makes it look more interesting. The neckline is just right, you don’t have to worry about it being too much on the contrary, it’s very flattering. The sleeves go all the way to the wrist and hug your arm nicely, just as the rest of the top clings to your body, hugging your lines beautifully and in a way softening them nicely. Its colour suits the eyes and the upcoming warm season. It is reminiscent of an inviting grey shade that is an oasis for hot summer days. The silhouette of a body floating in lukewarm water, rippling with the contented blur that wanders behind it. Or the serenity of a shady forest that beckons us more and more to discover it with its treasures and beauty. It is a pleasant grey colour that is soft and does not hit the eyes, which makes this piece very pleasant to wear. The top will elegantly complement whatever you wear it with and the material will prove that you will feel comfortable all day long :). The only thing you’ll have to watch out for when wearing this gorgeous piece is sharp objects. The way the fabric is breathable and not solid, it can actually snag on such things.