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Cashmere kimono
Introducing the signature kimono, this time in a graceful black colour. The black is easy to combine, so you can play around with it a bit and wear it for whatever you want, it will also look decent on its own. The belt is sprinkled with cranes amongst the clouds to lighten the seriousness of the whole look. The material is a very nice Italian cashmere, which will keep you warm and not freeze even among the snow drifts. The belt is made of silk brocade from Shanghai, the whole piece is sewn in Prague by our wonderful seamstresses. Kimono jacket has one universal size, and it is a must have, it fits you as if it was sewn exactly for you. You can make a bow or a knot in the front or back, you can also leave it wave around you, it depends on you and your mood. We recommend airing it out after each wearing and only letting it be washed in the dry cleaner.