Signature turtleneck with roses



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The roses fall off and only green leaves remain, where their colourful beauty hides into a castle of thorns. In the same way, the shades of the trees melt away and bare branches and a few chestnuts on the ground remain, and even the common dandelion hides its face for the cold days. It would be nice to have a rose that would smell and bring a fragrance of colour even in the deepest frosts when the ground is covered with snow. We have saved such lovely roses from the summer and sewed them onto our new turtlenecks. They may not smell like roses, but they will make your every step more pleasant, intertwine their flowers everywhere you go and bring a lot of tenderness and love into the air. The turtleneck is light blue, just like the summer sky, and you can hide your whole neck in it because it has a long collar on purpose, so you don’t become part of the frozen surroundings. The whole thing is very warm and pleasant to the touch. It can be worn with skirts, trousers and under dresses, with a coat you will look elegant. It is a decent partner for a winter romance, full of passion, because love never freezes. Of course, it’s also suitable simply for work or dinner, or out in the town. You will feel like a princess in it, believe me!!!