Striped jacket


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The complement between sky and clouds, sand and sea, daisies and stream is beautiful, just as their colours – blue and white – blend into each other and create a pleasing pair at first sight. The stripes are simple but very decent. This piece gives me a bit of a nautical vibe, on some boat with a white cap and a wide, blue sea all around. The coat is made just right for the period between spring and winter. On colder days, you can wrap it around you more and keep warm, but when the sun comes out, you leave it open and the edges of it will billow freely around your neck. It’s a great companion wherever you go on blooming days, to the water, the park, work, school or a restaurant. Its colors are cheerful and will complement whatever you wear with it. It’s very polite to just roll up the sleeves casually and turn the collar out. It’s one size, one size fits all.