The most comfortable trousers


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Comfortable trousers with a beautiful colour? Turquoise is a subtle shade of blue, but a cheerful colour that attracts sunshine and warm weather with its mood. They’ll brighten up your surroundings wherever you are, whenever you are, and with whatever pairing you choose. Reminiscent of shallow pebble beaches and blue skies, this colour is breathtaking in its own right. Paired with knitwear, it’s a top! Knit is a very comfortable material and this type even more. It’s breathable, so you don’t have to worry about being hot. It feels like a caress on the body, comfortable just like a home garment, only more luxurious and stylish. The pants are long and loose, so they will wave nicely with every step. They fasten lightly with a mother of pearl button, which is a small addition to this whole piece. They really go everywhere and because of their comfort you won’t even want to take them off, trust me! The only thing you’ll have to watch out for when wearing this gorgeous piece are sharp objects. Because the way the fabric is sheer and not solid, it can snag on such things.