Turqouise shirt


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Would you like to wear something between a shirt and a coat? A nice fabric that reaches below your knees? This long shirt in soft knit is just for you. Thanks to the material it is made of, it will hug your body, gently reach your lines and accentuate them in a decent way. Thanks to the interesting cut, this piece should be worn open. It is nice to fasten only the first two buttons and leave the rest of the shirt open. The ends of the fabric will pull up to your hips and make any skirt, dress or trousers stand out underneath. On cooler days, finish it off with pearl buttons, which are a subtle detail, as is the shirt collar. Knit is a very comfortable material and this type even more so. It’s breathable, so you don’t have to worry about being hot in it. It feels like a caress on the body, comfortable just like a home garment, only more luxurious and stylish. It’s the best type of loungewear you could find:) The color is also very decent. The turquoise, light blue is a bolder and cheerier type, reminiscent of shallow sandy beaches, and it’s the uniqueness of this color that makes it stand out everywhere and brighten up your surroundings. Wear it all the time, no matter what it’s like outside and whatever you have underneath, enjoy it! The size is one, universal.