Unisex vest cashmere – Sold out


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Cashmere vest
The vest is a very elegant piece that no one should miss. It looks good on a turtleneck, a T-shirt, a shirt or a dress, just on everything. That’s why it’s a must-have in our new collection, a simple unisex cut and a nice Italian cashmere. The elegant black colour is cinched at the waist with a strip of fabric, which is of course made of leftovers (how else 🙂 ). You tie a bow to give the whole look a more delicate touch and slightly lighten the underside of the vest, so it will resemble butterfly wings. At the same time, it will gracefully wrap around your waist and highlight your figure. You can get a piece and lend it to your mum, partner or sister because sharing is caring. The vest comes in sizes SM and ML. We recommend airing it out after each wearing and only letting it be washed in the dry cleaner.