Wrap dress spring/summer


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This time we present you a wrap dress in a bright form. The noble collar will offer you the form of a crown of flowers, which will soon start to open and surprise us with their colours and shapes. The dress has a pleasant and delicate shade, suitable for every day. It will brighten your rainy days and at other times it will uplift your sunny weather. It is completed with green and white polka dots, which are very tiny and lighten the long dress a little from seriousness. It has a high collar that you can either wrap yourself in or let it billow freely around your neck. The sleeves are wrist-length but if you’re feeling warm, they’re also decent rolled up to the elbows. Thanks to the fabric, 50% cotton and 50% silk, you won’t be cold on cooler days and uncomfortably hot in spring, so you can have two dresses in one and not cram your closet. The cut is an A-line, wrap signature, one that you can only tell in the details…if you know, you know…once you have a dress from us, you know what I’m talking about;).