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Wrap evening dress
Everybody probably thinks of evening dresses in dark colours, but even light ones can be very elegant and this dress is a great example of that. Also, do you have a closet full of black dresses at home and you don’t want to wear the same one all the time, but at the same time you would only use it maybe once? You can try and borrow a light colour for a few days and judge for yourself how you like wearing it in company. It’s a dress with a story, last March Svetlana’s mother brought me a piece of pink fabric from Odesa, she wanted to use it for the prom, but unfortunately it won’t take place for a long time, because of the events in Ukraine. So I combined it with another fabric and made this wrap dress, the delicate part with roses complements the shiny, sequined fabric, it will make you feel like a princess.
The wrap cut fits you perfectly, if you rent it, 50% of the proceeds will go to charity for Ukraine. The price of renting for 5 days is 4000 CZK.