Cafe Late Kimono vest


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Dice, dice, dice! One of the stunning, simple yet subtle patterns can be seen in several ways in our new collection. This time in a combination of white and light brown. Like snowdrops hidden among the bushes, shaded forests where we rarely see the soft rays of light or a sandy beach with lukewarm water and pebbles of different shapes. A great colour combination what expresses the coffee late and sweet porridge, thus a complementary duo of colours, blending tone on tone. All this this piece can exude, beckoning warm days, because that’s exactly where it fits perfectly. Bright colours also make us feel younger, so let’s rejuvenate ourselves with this piece:) As always, the kimono is a nice piece for every wardrobe. It really goes with everything… t-shirt, pants, shirt, skirt or dress. The coat will complement the whole outfit perfectly and with a special Japanese style. The tying is also up to you whether to knot, bow in the front, back or side or simply wear it loose open, you can change it up every day and never get tired of it. Size one, universal and of course it is reversible.